Make Money Online In Pakistan Without Investment

In these days, many of us want to make money online in pakistan according to current circumstances and looking for alternatives that how can it is possible to “earn money online in pakistan“. There are many ways to get paid in Pakistan but the problem is that which one is legit and which program is a total scam?. On the other hand, When a newbie search on google about “How To Make Money In Pakistan?” then there are hundreds of results which is totally fraud or just time killing of our loved pakistani youngsters.

There are some of the questions I think should be clear first to let take start to earn online.

Q: Is earn from a computer is possible in pakistan?

Yes, its 100% possible to make money online in pakistan but remember that there are lots of fraud and scam websites which directly target new people, who want to generate income from computer via internet.

Q: Is It Legit Way to Generate Money With Investment?

A rethink about it for one time, is your mind gives you permission that you invest an amount to earn? The answer is NO, why you are going to waste your money as well as time? Keep in mind that if you want to earn money online then don’t ever invest anywhere. Who they demands for invest they are a scam and they will give you nothing.

Follow me, I will tell you the real and legit ways that how you can generate money without investment, even spending a penny.

Make Money online in pakistan

Ways To Make Money Online In Pakistan

Basically there is a long list of websites which facilitate us to get paid online via computer but here I will talk about most profitable and legit ways from where you can earn some decent income.

Remember that no one will give you money freely, in return you have to do work for them who want you to be hired for a job or any other case which I will discuss below in detailed.

Make Money With Website

The most legit way ever, in which you can make money with your website. I will personally suggest to all Pakistanis to choose this way to earn from the computer. As compared to other countries, pakistan is in the list where computer development is too low. The only reason is less knowledge and awareness about the latest trends as well as computer guidance.
Make money with a website is a way in which you develop a website and make it popular among search engines, and then sign up for Google Adsense program which allow webmasters to copy and paste the ad code on their websites. Then google ads will show up on your website, whenever any visitor click on your ads, your particular share amount will transfer to your Adsense account. You can also read these guides

There are many other programs which you can use on your website which is also legit but they give you low click rate rather then google adsense. Read this about other online money making programs.

Make Money BY Freelancing

In which you should must have some skill about what you are going to develop. If you are a software engineer, webmaster, Graphic designer or even you can earn money by typing documents and etc. and are the top websites which will enable you to make money online in pakistan.
One person will open a project, and if you see that you can do the project then you have to bid on it. If the owner will chose you for project then you must have to complete the project within time and in return they will reward you.

Make Money BY Buy & Sell Services

If you are not interesting in making a website, or even if you have developed website and make it popular among the search engines in sense of getting huge amount of visitor but if you are still not satisfied with it then don’t worry you can still earn by performing or completing little jobs.

There are many websites like, which is also a good source of making money online via performing services. Many pakistani get paid by gigbucks and websites. In which you have to create a job which you can do for $5 to $50, if any buyer interested in your job then you have to deliver your work at time otherwise your rating will goes negative. You can offer a job like, “I will record a video of for your professional business ad”. These sites charge 20% of any service. If you do a job for $5 then they will give you $4.

Get Paid by Little Jobs

Here is another legit way for those who still want to earn in pakistan without investing or website. You can earn from, it is also a good option to generate income by performing little jobs. For example, one person start a campaign that signup for website and then you will earn cents or can earn 1$ for per job. More you will perform jobs more you get rewards.

Hope that this guide will defiantly help those people who are serious about how to earn money online. I know there are many other legit ways but as i said these are top ways which i prefer to use. If you know any other best source to make money online in pakistan without investment from computer then share with us via comment and let others know about your experience.

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  1. Wow good site ,
    i am very happy to see that a Pakistani man does a great job.
    please keep it up .
    dear guide me about i have a account on it but money jobs are not pay me and i can’t understand work please help by email

  2. dear admin & friends:
    I am the new one in this field & I donot know how to participate & how
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    please guide me by your mails.
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  3. great good nice for a new guy in this field anyone who wants to work at online these are the first steps that he or she need to be taken

  4. i guess its hard to earn online in pakistan because you dont have paypal…im earning online in my country (phil) and its nice bcoz we have paypal.
    join me on facebook just search zelle belle and message me….i have my payment proofs.

  5. Assalamalaikum
    Good update. Was keen to read all this stuff
    I was thinking of online job but want to know whether this is halal way of earning money

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  7. brother main new hoon es field main admin plz help me koi aisa way hoo jis main meray 3 or 4 hours day main lagay or main week main $300 ya $500 $ week main earn keron thanks i hope u help me and guide me soon

  8. AOA,

    would you please let me know about adds in the newspaper classified where one has to purchase a package for on line work.


  9. Aslam alai qum bro i want to earn money online and i dont know anything about it, so i want u to plzz help me, and guide me right way. And is there any work for female is well or its just for mens. I will be thank ful to u if u reply me.

    • Any one can establish his/her online business. Read on this website about how to make money online. In this website you can read all basics information to start.

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