How to Open Youtube In Pakistan, Unblock Youtube and Blocked Websites

Today i will let you know how to open youtube in Pakistan and how to unblock websites if restricted in school, college, university and any other institute. Now its impossible to live without internet connection but what if you have access to internet and still unable to open website which is blocked by government, school or college management. In the same way, Pakistan telecommunication authority (PTA) has blocked youtube due to some international clashes but what about the people who was doing business with youtube like dealing with videos uploading or downloading? it may have ruined over all business of major number of people.

Open Youtube In Pakistan

After blocking youtube by PTA we were expecting that this restriction will be temporary but its too late now and still they didn’t open youtube in pakistan and the blocking is continue. In 2011 to 213 the online audience converted to watch youtube video rather then reading articles of any tips or guide for particular topic. Now every one prefer to search relevant topic on youtube because its scientifically proofed that visual graphics are easy to remember.

How to Open Youtube In Pakistan If Blocked

As we already know pakistan telecommunication authority already block facebook two or three times but now restrictions removed but in case of blocked youtube in pakistan, there is no sign of unblocking yet, so, today i will let you know different ways for how to open youtube in pakistan trick.

Here i will explore all of the possible ways to open unblock websites in pakistan not just youtube, you can even get access to those websites which are also unable to open. Most of us was earning from youtube because it offers to genrate decent amount of money by uploading unique videos, if you are not familiar then must check out how to make money with youtube and must read how to make money online in pakistan.

There are two ways to unblock blocked websites

Open Youtube by proxy server

If you are trying to open website like facebook or any video website in your collage or university where they have applied filters on keywords which put a restriction on user level computers and can’t install any thing on it. You can use proxy servers, such a servers which take you to access websites from another country is called proxy servers. You can use any one proxy website from below and enter the blocked websites URL or web address to open it.

Open Youtube by Software (VPN)

Here is another way which you can use if you are trying to open websites which your internet service provider have blocked (ISP). if you don’t want to open youtube in pakistan without proxy then you can install the software which is listen below for the Virtual Private Network (VPN). Just follow the link bellow and install any one on your computer just run before internet surfing.

There are many other option which can use to open youtube in pakistan by proxy or software but i have selected the best options for you after testing. Final words is that if you want to access blocked websites on non secured computers then use proxies but if you are regular user on personal computer then its best option to install any VPN software and keep happy browsing. Share your thoughts and suggestions regarding these guide via comments.

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